What Are The Top Rated Slot Games? Review Score Greater Than 8.

How Did We Rate The Online Slots?

One simple factor! The score on each of the slot reviews is ‘Fun Factor‘.

Let’s face it, all of the online slots are weighted in favour of the casino. There are no games where you are more likely to win than lose.

We ask ourselves one simple question:

Is it fun to play?

Some of the online slots are rammed full of excellent music, some have regular random features that keep you playing.

That is the kind of thing we look for when we rate the ‘Fun Factor‘ of the slot.

One of the problems is, some of the games have terrible music……with a high spin to feature ratio. But the still score high, why is that?

Wait, what is the spin to feature ratio?

The spin to feature ratio is the amount of spins on average it takes to get into the free spins feature. There are purely our experience, they are absolutely NOT figures given to us by the slot providers.

Take Dead Or Alive, for instance, which by the way, is THE greatest online slot! A feature is given to us, on average, every 150 spins.

The Bonanza slot (Another great option!) is around 500 spins! These figures might be different for everyone, but it is OUR EXPERIENCE.

When you have a slot with a high spin to feature ratio, it can still receive a high review score, purely because it is a high variance. Sure, you can wait 750 spins before you get a feature, but if most feature journeys pay out a huge win, it is worth the wait.

We find many of the Merkur slots score highly, and they also have a high spin to feature ratio.

How Did The Slots Get Highly Rated?

As soon as we complete the slot review, we give it a score out of 10. Anything with a score of 8 or above is in this list.

It really is that simple!

On each of the slot reviews, you can learn the online casinos who offer this online slot. There are some who give away free spins as part of the welcome bonus, these are identified in the review body.

All slot reviews are played with real money!

Here is what you will learn:

Where We Played The Slot

You can find out which online casino we payed the slot. As part of the review, we always play the slot.

If we are feeling flush, we will give it a few hundred spins. If not, we wager small to chase for the bonus feature!

Where You Can Play The Slot

As we mentioned above, this is where you can play the online slot. Where possible, we only offer the best casinos. These are casinos who have scored 8.5 or more in their reviews.

By offering the best, we know we are pointing you in the right direction, to a safe, secure and fun online casino!

RTP - Return To Player

This is theoretical, and we get the RTP either direct from the slot provider, or it is an average from a number of online casinos.

Pay Table

You will find details of the pay table for each of the top rated slot games we review, including wilds and scatter details.

Pay Lines

Ranging from 8, all the way up to the BTG Megaways pay lines! We will give you the amount of pay lines, with a screenshot (unless it is Megaways!)

Bonus Feature Details - Free Spins

We play online slots for the bonus feature, right? We love the free spins, it is where the big wins happen!

On each of the top rated slot reviews, we make sure we detail the bonus feature details so you know what to expect when the scatters roll in!

Some offer free spins, some offer a pick and win feature.

Whatever it is, we have it covered.

Demo Game

Where possible, we will give you a link to demo play the top rated online slot games. Some providers will not give you the option to demo play it, or it might be limited by country.

If we have the option, we give it to you, and you can play on the slot for free until your heart is content!


So there you go, now you know the top rated slot games, and you know how we rated it and what you can learn in each of the reviews.

Good luck spinning – and please give yourself a reality check if you find the fun has disappeared!

Be Gamble Aware – If The Fun Stops, Stop!

If you do think you may have a gambling addiction – please use one of the following resources:


Be Gamble Aware

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